Welcome to the NEW codeplugs.com, formerly codeplugsupersite. The internet’s best place to find and trade codeplugs. Here you will find codeplugs for most major brands of radios. You can upload and download the files and also post to the wanted section for codeplugs you may be looking for. I take no responsibility for the content of quality of the files here as I did not create them and cannot test all files that are uploaded. Please feel free to contact codeplugs.com through the contact form with any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints.

To all new visitors to the site I encourage you to create an account in the file sharing area so that you can download and upload files.

If you cannot find what you're looking for in the file sharing section you may post to the "wanted" section by clicking the link at top section of this page and scrolling down to the post form.

Thank you and enjoy the site.

Uploading Files

So you have a file you want to upload and need to know what to do? First you will need an account to upload anything. It’s free to ceate one and will allow you full acces to the site. Once you have an account you can log in and upload to the site in the codeplugs area. When uploading please make sure to give a description to your files that includes model, flashcode (if applicable), frequency band (800/UHF/VHF/LOW), type (SREC/CPG), and model type (I/II/III).
For instance a file for an XTS5000 would be named “ABC123DEF.cpg” and have a description of “XTS5000 800MHz Model3 000000-000000-0”. This will help all users identify the right files rather then have to sort through a ton of confusing names.


Please remember that posting requests for ANY type of COPYRIGHTED software ESPECIALLY Motorola branded RSS/CPS is NOT ALLOWED. ANY files or posts about such software will be removed. With that said any NON-copyrighted open source or free software that pertains to the two-way radio field may be posted but will be removed at the request of the owner if found to be in violation of their licensing.